Patient Stories

Daniel E. Weingold, MD

Flying down the soccer field looking for a goal-scoring opportunity, Phil went airborne, landing hard on his right shoulder. When the attacking midfielder scrambled to his feet, he knew something was very wrong: he couldn’t move his right arm.

An X-ray revealed that Phil had broken his collarbone (clavicle), the bone over the top of the chest between the breastbone and shoulder blade that connects the arm to the body. Clavicle fractures are extremely common, especially among high-impact athletes.

Phil consulted Daniel Weingold, MD, a OrthoVirginia surgeon whose focus includes shoulder surgery, shoulder and knee sports injuries, and general orthopedics. “Dr. Weingold explained that I could let the fracture heal by itself, without surgery, or I could have surgery to help it heal faster and in a better position,” Phil says. “In my case, the bone pieces had separated so widely, healing would take a long time and even then my shoulder would look unbalanced. It was an easy choice – I decided to have the surgery.”

Phil’s procedure took place at OrthoVirginia’s Outpatient Surgery Center in Fairfax. Dr. Weingold used a plate and screws to realign and stabilize the clavicle. With his arm in a sling, Phil was able to return to work as a software developer the following day. Six weeks later, he began a strengthening program. Three months after his surgery, the 37-year-old was back where he wanted to be: on the soccer field.

Phil now plays left midfielder for VietJavaVA, a community team of Vietnamese-American IT professionals who get together every Sunday to promote sportsmanship and raise money for charity. Members contribute what they can on a monthly basis and donate the money to those in need.

“This team is very special and thanks to the skill of Dr. Weingold and the personalized care from everyone at OrthoVirginia, I am able to participate,” Phil says. “I am very grateful to them for putting the pieces back together and helping me return to the sport that I love.”