Patient Stories

John P. McConnell, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I am "repaired" and can nearly function 100% a week after surgery!

He fixed me..... I was broken (severely) --scared, and in pain....and he fixed me. That's all you really need to read, but I presume you are in a similar circumstance right now which is why I took the time to write this review. I am not a multi million dollar professional athlete nor have I been paid to write this review; I am a hard working professional and a patient of Dr. McConnell. It really doesn't matter what I did, or how I did it--the fact is, I really did a number on myself this time...(severe fracture of the clavicle/collarbone). You may be in a similar circumstance and think your situation is hopeless. Trust me -- whatever it is you did and however bad you think it is -- Dr. McConnell has probably seen and dealt with much.... much...much worse over his many years. Less than a week since my surgery and I am up and about and even typing this review with both hands! No pain either :-)

I have seen Dr. McConnell a number of times over the years---couple of broken fingers, broken leg, cracked ribs....and now this. And he has taken care of each and every problem and put me back together a number of times. In addition, the "Care Team" at OrthoVirginia is second to none. They are simply outstanding. We are lucky to have such an experienced and talented surgeon, team and hospital in the DC/VA/MD area and I would not be going too far by saying they are probably the best in the country albeit the world in what they do.

There is a reason why the NFL, the NHL and Major League Baseball have Dr. McConnell in their Rolodex or on staff. Whatever it is, he's probably seen it before and can fix it. Incidentally, you never know who you are going to meet when you go to his office! :-)

Also, his office in Arlington--IS in the Virginia Hospital Center. Whatever is needed is at his disposal right there complimented by the wonderful nurses and staff and state of the art equipment. Please understand, Dr. McConnell is an incredibly brilliant, talented, experienced and a very kind man. He's not really about "the talk"-- you cant change what is done or happened---he's all about action, getting rid of the pain, fixing the problem and getting you "well" again. And he cares.

That being said, I can only speak for myself- but if you are broken- your first move should be going to see Dr. McConnell and the Team for diagnosis and a game plan. You will be 100 percent in no time and can rest assured you are in the best hands and care possible.

As I said, I was broken- and he fixed me..... Again.

I am forever grateful and would never even think of going anywhere else. If I may- you can go ahead and skip going to "Urgent Care" or anything like that. Why waste your time and your health?- See the absolute best there is from the start.