Patient Stories

David W. Romness, MD

I lived with knee pain for years, inhibiting my ability to walk--an activity that I always enjoyed. Even going to the grocery store was literally a pain. I always thought that "someday" I might need to have my knees replaced. Then, when I was age 57, my right hip "went." It was so painful and I walked like a penguin. I didn't have a choice but to have it replaced. Dr. Romness performed the replacement, and the result was so awesome that I asked him if he would replace my knees, too. Because I was relatively young with no other medical issues and clearly motivated, he agreed to do them both. I went home with new knees in two days and climbed the steps to my bedroom the first night home. It took a program of physical therapy and exercise at home to regain strength and range of motion fully. But the results have been spectacular. I am a very happy camper!