Patient Stories

Mark P. Madden, MD - Retired

After a long career as a chemist and a very active retirement, Pam, 71, had worn out her left side. She came to OrthoVirginia with scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine) and severe osteoarthritis in her hip and knee. When she met with OrthoVirginia surgeon Mark Madden, MD, to discuss a knee replacement, he proposed a customized treatment option just for her: the TRUMATCH® Solution.

TRUMATCH is a made-to-measure implant that is transforming total knee replacement surgery. It uses a simple CT scan to develop a 3-D computerized model of the entire leg structure and create a customized surgical guide, based on each patient’s unique anatomy. As a result, surgery is quicker, safer and more efficient. The customized surgical guide improves the placement and positioning of the implant, which is critical for overall performance and long-term success.

After her surgery, Pam spent a few months in physical therapy to regain strength and range of motion in her knee. Her pain is now gone and she is back to all the activities she loves including gardening, water aerobics, hiking, kayaking and weekly workouts on a TRX® suspension training machine. Best of all, her TRUMATCH knee replacement, along with a previous hip replacement, have helped her avoid spine surgery.

“Both Dr. Madden and OrthoVirginia have taken very good care of me,” she says. “And I can recommend the TRUMATCH implant wholeheartedly. I don’t know why anybody would not do this. Your body is unique, so if you can have something designed specifically to fit it, why wouldn’t you?”