Patient Stories

Daniel E. Weingold, MD

Arriving late for her championship volleyball tournament, Nadine skipped her usual warm up and headed straight for the court. The 6’1 mom of three from Alexandria is a fierce competitor and she was on fire that day. “I kept hitting the ball harder and harder, I couldn’t hit it wrong,” she says. 

All that adrenaline helped her team win the championship. It also took a toll on her right shoulder. Initially, she thought it was an overuse injury. But when the pain and weakness worsened to the point where she couldn’t reach back and pick up a piece of paper, she knew something was seriously wrong. 

Nadine consulted OrthoVirginia surgeon Daniel Weingold, MD, who had treated her sons’ various bumps, bruises and broken bones over the years. Together they reviewed her MRI and Dr. Weingold delivered a surprising diagnosis. “I had a torn labrum and a partial tear of my rotator cuff,” recalls Nadine, 47. “He told me, one hard fall and my shoulder would be gone.”

Two days later, Dr. Weingold performed an arthroscopic repair of Nadine’s torn labrum, the cuff of cartilage that surrounds the shoulder joint and helps provide stability to the shoulder. The procedure is known as superior labrum anterior and posterior (SLAP) repair. The surgeon makes several small incisions around the shoulder joint and uses tiny instruments to repair and reattach the labrum. As part of the surgery, Dr. Weingold also trimmed Nadine’s rotator cuff tendon. 

Following her surgery, Nadine’s shoulder pain was gone. She went home that night to begin a challenging four months of rehabilitation. It started with six weeks of shoulder immobilization in a sling. Three weeks post-op, she began physical therapy to restore range of motion, flexibility and strength. “Throughout my recovery, Dr. Weingold cautioned me to be very careful about not overdoing it,” she says. “If I returned to athletics too soon, I could easily undo all the repair work.”

When she was cleared to return to sports, she resumed her training to become a kettlebell instructor and received her certificate a year later. Now she’s back to the high-velocity lifestyle she loves, including skiing, personal training, teaching Pilates and keeping up with her three active boys. 

Nadine credits Dr. Weingold’s no-nonsense approach for her successful outcome. “He was totally honest and didn’t sugarcoat anything. He knew I wasn’t a sideliner, and he told me exactly what I needed to do to get off the sidelines and back out there.” Dr. Weingold continues to be her first call when her family needs orthopaedic care. Most recently, he set her son’s tibia and fibula after he broke his leg playing lacrosse.