Patient Stories

Kennedy S. Daniels, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can walk without pain. I just want everyone to know that Dr. Daniels is a GREAT physician!! He is very very knowledgeable, I trust every decision he recommends. He replies to all my call or emails in a timely manner. In over the 10 years I’ve known him he’s always have had an awesome team that works excellent together, wether it’s an appointment, just a question or come down to filling paperwork out I only received extraordinary interaction with his team. Myself I’ve never had a replacement but he has replaced my twin sisters hips, my mother’s hip and both knees, my father had his up replaced twice. He also treated my grandmother for osteoarthritis. I really could keep going on about how great he is but this is just to give you a idea on the outstanding service you’ll receive if you chose Dr. Kennedy Daniels!!!