Patient Stories

William R. Mook, MD

In February of 2016, I fell in the parking lot at work and my left shoulder was shattered.  An ambulance rushed me to Reston Hospital.  Thankfully, Dr. William Mook was on call that day in the emergency room.  He met with me and my daughter and his calm demeanor made both of us feel more at ease.  He explained the severity of my injury, discussed my options, the associated risks, and the reasons the reverse shoulder replacement would give me the best outcome.  Dr. Mook requested a nerve block before the surgery to help with the pain and to minimize the issues I have had in the past with anesthesia.  Initially, he said I could schedule surgery for the following week, but my daughter was afraid to take me home.  Then, he rushed to order the shoulder replacement part and performed my surgery the next morning, a Saturday.  He did an amazing job repairing my horrible shoulder injury and set the plan for my recovery.  Dr. Mook is a highly skilled surgeon and I am so fortunate that he performed my surgery.  I am forever grateful to Dr. Mook.

Three weeks after my surgery, I began physical therapy at Ortho Virginia Tysons Corner and continued through July 2016.  My physical therapist, Jeremy Shain, PT, DPT, did a wonderful job on my rehabilitation.  He pushed me to the limit and it made my outcome far better than expected, improving my range of motion and quality of life.  Jeremy also provided a plan for my recovery that I follow to this day.  Their staff is cheerful, encouraging, and helpful.  They took away my stress and made me calm.  I will always be grateful to have received such excellent care after this serious injury.