Patient Stories

David J. Novak, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I am out of pain. Two years ago, I began having significant pain in my left shoulder. Had rotator cuff surgery (also thru OrthoVA - Dr. Aquiar, who was great) but was left with arthritis in my shoulder that would never stop hurting without shoulder replacement. Sounded scary to me but Dr. Novak patiently explained the procedure and it just made sense to proceed.

Recovery was not as bad as I expected. My leather recliner was put into use again as it had for the rotator cuff surgery. Used the ice cooler machine on my arm much of the day to prevent swelling. Limited my movement for a couple of weeks and adhered to the "no lifting more than a teacup" sage wisdom until the new shoulder is firmly in place.

Follow-ups were positive and now, a year later, I am 99% out of pain. It hurts some mornings but after stretching, the pain is gone. I would do it again, if need be. Dr. Novak is the best - personally, professionally and with great staff. Trust in him.