Patient Stories

Daniel C. Martin, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can...resume physical activities that have been severely limited with the pain in my neck and shoulder. Upon visiting Dr Martin, he performed a thorough examination of my neck and shoulder region. That, along with the review of my MRI that had been ordered by Dr Garnet, Dr Martin devised a treatment program. Every step was reviewed and confirmed with me and my husband and during each procedure, Dr. Martin explained the process. He also gave me realistic expectations along with direction of my responsibilities. I have now completed the injection procedures and upon his advice, I will pursue PT to strengthen the muscles around my neck and shoulder. I have been advised to follow up as needed.

If you are interested in getting better, listening to his advice, and taking responsibility for your part of that process, then I highly recommend Dr Martin. He will work with you to reach that goal.