Patient Stories

Michael J. Diminick, MD

My Story:

Trigger thumb – I had never heard of it but when my right thumb started catching, I had to do something. I am right-handed and everyday activities became very painful- taking care of personal needs, dressing myself, making my bed, working in the kitchen, caring for my plants (I am a Master Gardener)- all were difficult to do without help from my husband. I made an appointment at OrthoVirginia with Dr. Diminick who explained to me my options – a cortisone shot or surgery. I opted for the shot which, though very painful for a few seconds, thankfully took care of the problem. A year and a half later, my left thumb began to show same symptoms, causing the same problems again. I elected to have shot again but this time it did now work so an operation was scheduled. From the time I entered the surgical center, everyone was kind and understanding, explaining everything that had to be done before and after the surgery. Eleven days later, I was seen by therapist Najwa Wallschlaeger who inspected my thumb, removed the stitches, gave me exercises to do as well as instructions for caring for the incision and then answered all my questions with patience, kindness and professionalism. I am still recovering but can perform most of my everyday activities without pain or help – thanks to the staff at OrthoVirginia.