Patient Stories

Thomas J. Klein, MD

My bi-lateral knee replacement and the subsequent PT was a resounding 5 star experience. I am an active 55 year old corporate CEO with a very hectic professional and personal schedule. I am right at 3 months removed from my surgery date, and I am fully engaged in weight training, cycling and golf - pain free and beyond the levels (except for golf which is on me) I expected. 

First - Dr Tom Klein. I cannot imagine my experience with Dr. Klein being any better. He is supremely and uniquely competent, compassionate and appropriately demanding. As a result, I had no concern the day of surgery, and the results exceeded my expectations. My quality of life is dramatically improved. I have no knee pain! Hard to imagine anyone could be better than Tom Klein. He has also worked on and/or provided spot-on consultation on my back and shoulder and was fantastic when my then 18 year old son suffered a significant shoulder injury while playing high school football.

Chelsea and Hanne - many of the same qualities as Dr Klein - e.g., competence, compassion and demanding. They pushed me, treated my operation-related issues and ensured I exceeded my physical (and mental) expectations by the time my therapy ended on March 31st.

If you need knee replacement - simplify it and minimize anxiety. The Klein, Kemlage and Walleck combination is as good as it gets. I am forever thankful and appreciative!