Patient Stories

David G. Cox, DPM

WOW! The service I received by Dr. Cox, Jess, Raven was extraordinary! My wife wasn't at the original appointment with Dr. Cox and myself. When I came in for surgery that Tuesday, January 31,2017 I asked if Dr. Cox if he could let my wife know the procedure that was being done on my foot. Dr. Cox went into detail and was happy to explain the procedure to my wife. Dr. Cox has a way with his patients. He truly cares about his patients and goes above and beyond his job! Dr. Cox should be commended on the extraordinary job he does on a daily basis. I wish there were more doctors like him out there. Jess and Raven were very helpful as well. It was nice to have such a great team take care of my surgery. Kudos to Dr. Cox, Jess and Raven! I can't say enough about them. My surgery was very successful and my one toe has straightned out based on Dr. Cox expertise. I have always had a great experience with OrthoVirginia, but this by far takes the cake! Keep up the excellent, quality care!!!! Thank you Dr. Cox, Jess and Raven for an extraordinary job!