Patient Stories

H. Edward Lane, III, MD

My Story:

Careening down an indoor soccer field at high speed, Lexie lost her footing and flew head first toward the goal post. At the last second, she stuck out her arm and turned her head. That lightning reaction probably prevented a head injury, but it left her with a severely broken right humerus (upper arm bone). "It was the worst pain I ever felt in my life," says the 31-year-old from Sterling.

Lexie's mother rushed her to the Inova Fairfax Hospital Emergency Room where the triage nurse quickly moved her to the top of the list. While she waited for her X-ray, Lexie called H. Edward Lane, III, MD, an OrthoVirginia surgeon whose areas of specialization include sports medicine.

Less than a week later, Dr. Lane performed an open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) to repair Lexie's broken arm. First, he repositioned the two ends of the facture into their normal alignment. Then, he inserted screws to hold the bones in the proper position.

Lexie's procedure turned out to be even more intricate. When Dr. Lane opened her arm, he discovered that the force of her injury had trapped her radial nerve, which runs down the underside of the arm. He had to release the radial nerve from the fracture.

Back home, Lexie spent the first two weeks with her arm in a brace and a sling. Eventually she began a rehab program to restore movement and strength in her arm and hand. As the healing process progressed, she returned to work as a personal trainer and soccer coach. Within three months, she was back on the soccer field, but it just wasn't the same.Then she got an offer that changed her life: her best friend was training for a triathlon, would Lexie like to join her?It became her new goal. And exactly one year after her surgery – with seven screws and a plate in her right arm – Lexie completed her first triathlon. She's never looked back.

Even though she sustained an awful injury, it helped her turn the corner into something new and different.She is grateful to Dr. Lane for his expertise, care and support, and she proudly shows off her 9-inch scar that runs from her bicep to her elbow. "It's very thin and done perfectly; people always comment on how good it looks," she says.