Patient Stories

Tushar Ch. Patel, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I at night, drive a vehicle, and walk, without the fear that I will definitely become paralyzed, especially if an accident occurred. The thought that I could become paralyzed set such a fear in me, I couldn't sleep. I became so fearful of driving and walking. The risk was so astronomical. I would stay indoors the majority of my time, where I felt the safest. My spine was in terrible shape. I felt I was a walking time bomb. I wouldn't even allow anyone to touch me for fear they would cause something to go wrong.

I was very much out of it on the day of my surgery, but my family and other loved ones were highly impressed by Dr. Tushar Patel. He spoke with them prior to my surgery and they said he came out of surgery beaming, a smile so large and said everything went great, as planned and that I was doing very well. He showed them before and after X-rays. He explained everything to them, still beaming from ear-to-ear, they said. He was as excited as a man who had just had his first baby. I was so excited hearing about how he reacted to my surgery. It made me feel special. He is so remarkable. He has been there for me every step of the way, even during this recovery period. I have no regrets when it comes to him and the surgery. His bedside manner is highly exceptional. I have spoken to so many people about my surgery and this is no lie, a vast majority of them also had Dr. Patel as their doctor/surgeon and only great words were said by all of them. Th ese were total strangers in most cases. I have not even once heard anything negative about Dr. Patel, other doctors rave about him, too. I am very thankful to him. Thank you, Dr. Tushar Ch Patel.