Patient Stories

Amy E. Henning, DO

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, my family can go to Disney and fully enjoy our vacation ( I thought our vacation was ruined when my son broke both hands 2 days before we were to leave for Disney).

My family has waited a long time to go to Disney. I had been saving my money for five years and decided to wait until my youngest was 5yo to make the trip. In January 2016, I booked our Disney trip for August 2016. Our trip consisted of a few days in Disney followed by a Disney cruise. My boys patiently waited for 8 MONTHS. We only had 2 more days until we left and my youngest fell off the monkey bars, breaking both hands. We were all crushed.

This led me to make an appointment at OrthoVirginia in the Fairfax office with Dr. Henning and her staff. Not only was Dr. Henning awesome, the entire staff was incredible. From the receptionist I talked to when I set up the appointment (who got me an appointment for just 2 hours later), to the ladies at the front desk, to the PT's we met...everyone was so happy, cheerful and friendly...and man, was that contagious. They eased my worries instantly. When we realized my son had broken both hands, I explained to Dr. Henning my concerns about our vacation --all of the pools on the cruise ship and the ocean in the Bahamas--so she came up with a creative treatment plan for us. She gave my son one velcro brace for his right hand and a hand-made brace for the left hand. Both of which he could take off so he could still enjoy all of the fun water activities on the Disney cruise. This meant the world to us. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone in the Fairfax office.