Patient Stories

William R. Mook, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can walk again using my right leg.

My name is Kim and my son was in a serious motorcycle accident on April 27, 2017. It is a miracle that he even survived this as a car ran a light and basically t-boned him. Michael was brought into Reston Hospital with them not knowing if he would even survive. The team of Doctors that worked on him literally saved his life. Dr. Mook came into our lives when he was the chosen doctor to repair his right knee I referred to Dr. Mook as "DR. RIGHT LEG" as we had another doctor fix all the broken bones in his body. Dr. Mook took on a surgery that was supposed to be 6 hours but it turned into like 10 hours. My son had torn his ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL and meniscus. This was a total rebuild and Dr. Mook was amazing. My son spent 3 weeks in the trauma/CCU unit at Reston Hospital, 6 weeks at home (bed ridden) and then 3 weeks at a rehabilitation facility. The recovery has been a long road with still a long way to go - it is with greatness that I say....Dr. Mook and his team are #1 in my book. Dr. Mook has become somewhat of a friend who truly cares about Michaels recovery in not just the surgery that he did but in all the other surgeries Michael has had. This has been very difficult for my family and for my son but we couldn't have done it without Michael's amazing team. Michael is walking again, still in physical therapy 3 times a week - and the hope is that one day soon he will regain the use of his right arm. I would just like to say to people that things do get better - might not be as great as you want but I am happy my son is still with us and every day gets a little better. Thank you Dr. Mook - we consider you a friend.