Patient Stories

Thomas J. Klein, MD

After a devastating fall on a department store escalator, Kelley wasn’t sure she would ever walk again. The accident dislocated both of her kneecaps, creating so much trauma, ligament and tendon damage that neither of them would stay in place. Kelley’s boyfriend recommended a surgeon who had helped him: Thomas Klein, MD, at OrthoVirginia. Within 24 hours she was in his office.

The road to recovery would be long and difficult. The force of her fall had pulled both of Kelley’s kneecaps completely out of the trochlea – the grooves at the end of the thigh bone that keep the kneecap sliding smoothly up and down. She faced major surgical repair of both knees and arduous physical therapy (PT) to learn to walk again.

Dr. Klein began the process with two months of rehabilitation to facilitate healing and restore some function, and then performed surgery to repair Kelley’s right knee. After more PT to strengthen her right leg and stabilize her body, he performed the same procedure on her left knee. Kelley had a third surgery to further repair her left knee a few months later.

With 10 years of operations, rehabilitation, and recovery behind her, Kelley is grateful for the simple things. She is walking without a limp and busy with a successful career as a retail sales manager.

“My experience at OrthoVirginia was wonderful – they really understood what I was going through and what I needed,” she says. “My goal was to learn to walk again and have a normal lifestyle and Dr. Klein helped me achieve that. Considering how badly I was injured, I am thrilled with the fact that he got me up and functioning so well. As he said throughout the process, ‘We’re going to help Kelley get her groove back’ – and he did!”