Patient Stories

Michael W. Mariscalco, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can... do all the things I used to do with my right shoulder before the surgery on March 1, 2017. Thanks to Dr. Maricalco's expertise, as well as largely due to my Physical Therapist, Mr. John Dodd's expertise as well. I was not looking forward to physical therapy at all following my surgery; but John made the task smooth and much easier to maintain than I expected. Before too long, I was looking forward to my therapy appointments because they relieved my pain better than meds and without the side effects. I would go to PT in pain, but after the exercises and the stretching, when I left, my pain was resolved. I felt better leaving than when I arrived.

John Dodd is an excellent Physical Therapist. His guidance, therapy, expertise, and explanation of what and why we do these exercises along with instilling the importance of being diligent on keeping the exercises going at home were the key to my healing much quicker that anyone expected. Dr. Mariscalo said I was where most patients are at 6 months in only 3 months. Physical Therapy is a priceless value if you have a good Physical Therapist. I was lucky and had just that. I will continue to do my exercises several times a week at home for 6 months to a year from surgery, as instructed by John, so that I maintain what I regained from my time in physical therapy. I am even throwing corn hole, washing and waxing my vehicle, yoga, most anything I want to do with my right shoulder without pain. Many thanks to you, John and best wishes too. I am truly grateful for having had you as my Physical Therapist. The most valuable lesson learned is doing those exercises is the key to the best and fastest recovery; as well as the quickest way to get away from having to take pain medications. Thanks to all the staff of OrthoVirginia. It was a pleasure to have talked and worked with any and all staff, therapist, and doctors I came in contact with.