Patient Stories

Thomas J. Klein, MD

In June, 2014, I slipped on a thin film of water I did not see and fell forward on my kneecap on a hard linoleum floor. I had shattered my kneecap.

The first orthopedic surgeon I went to could not confirm that I would walk again. So I went to see Dr. Klein. He informed me that there are no replacement kneecaps. That is why the mafia "kneecapped" their enemies. Dr. Klein operated on me, wiring and screwing the fragments of my kneecap bone together.

It took some time and the very able assistance of Dr. Klein's physical therapy team, but I learned to walk again. Now look at me, three and a half years later, with my husband, hiking up Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa!

Other than my immediate family, there is no one human being toward whom I feel more gratitude than Tom Klein.

Thank you, Dr. Klein!