Patient Stories

William R. Mook, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can now go about my life as before the shoulder began acting up. I couldn't sleep on my right side, without my shoulder acting up. Made appointment at OrthoVirginia with Dr. Hartley who had performed my knee replacement surgery. He thought it may be tendonitis so prescribed physical therapy and a shot of cortisone. That worked for a short while but I was losing strength and range of motion. Dr. Hartley sent me for an MRI and he recommended rotator cuff surgery. Again, even after PT, I was losing strength and range of motion. Could barely do routine tasks. That's when Dr. Hartley said they had a new doctor join the practice who specialized in shoulders and recommended I make an appointment with Dr. Mook. He patiently described the recommended surgery -- a total reverse shoulder replacement. He showed me my xrays and MRI and explained the surgery in detail. I had the surgery in late March and started physical therapy. My range of motion is almost as good as new as well as my strength.

I would love to say I was an avid tennis player or a pitcher in women's softball league, but it wouldn't be so. I am just grateful that I can do errands, prepare meals, open jars, open car doors, etc. just like people with real shoulders. I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Mook. He is gentle, explains procedure(s) in clear regular people talk, and is an active listener.