Patient Stories

Steven S. Hughes, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I am pain free! I never thought I'd say that...

Just a few short months ago I was in agony. Every movement hurt, I felt completely broken and hopeless. I thought my life was going to center around my back pain. Degenerative disc disease and a herniation were causing devastating back, hip, and leg pain that prevented me from doing simple daily tasks. Just a few years ago I was training for fitness competitions. This injury had impacted every facet of my life. I felt like a shell of the active person I used to be.

With the help of Dr. Hughes and his incredible team at OrthoVirginia I made the decision to finally have surgery in hopes of alleviating my pain. I was very scared and apprehensive about surgery for a long time. I exhausted all other treatment options and was getting through the day only with the help of some very strong pain medications. I wanted a better quality of life.

Now two months post fusion I wish I had done this years ago. I am pain free, back in the gym training, and have returned to my normal routine. I cannot tell you how incredible it feels to be past the pain. What a relief it is to not have to take any pain medication to get through my day anymore. Dr. Hughes gave me my life back, and I will be fore every grateful for that gift. He and his team of nurses, techs and schedulers were compassionate, understanding and caring through the most difficult time of my life. Thank you so much Dr. Hughes!