Patient Stories

Steven S. Hughes, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can can move, sit stand and walk without pain.

Following back surgery ,by another surgeon, I still experienced appreciable pain up to 7 months out. I went to Dr. Hughes for a second opinion (he had performed a cervical discectomy on me 19 years ago) and after reading my MRI and x-rays from his office, recommended surgery ASAP. During the first surgery he discovered that the first surgery had fractured the top of L3 and displaced L2 approx. 30 -40 degrees. He recommended a 2 part 2nd surgery with anterior fusion and posterior fusion with a total rework of the prior screw and rod assembly with a cage around L1 and L2. A month and a week out and there is significant pain loss leaning towards normalcy. I would recommend Dr. Hughes above ALL surgeons I have experienced in all my years. He is thoroughly professional, meticulous and thorough. If you need back or neck surgery get a few opinions but in the end come back and TRUST Dr. Hughes.