Patient Stories

Mark R. McMahon, MD

I had hip pain for some time and finally went to OrthoVirginia -- only to find out I had osteoarthritis and no cartilage in my left hip. I put the surgery off for some time but finally had it done. Dr. McMahon and Ms. Lauber did a wonderful job on the surgery and medical care, and Chris Thompson worked miracles with the physical therapy side. I'd almost forgotten what it's like to be able to walk without a cane -- which I can now do. Thanks to Dr. McMahon's anterior approach for this surgery I have very few (if any) restrictions on what I can do after surgery.

The muscle strength is coming back and I'll soon be able to go back to my dance classes. I'll also be able to ride a horse without pain, which means I can go on my usual Wyoming horseback riding vacation.