Patient Stories

Keith W. Lawhorn, MD

My Story:

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can walk! I fell and broke my ankle in two places and leg when I was 22 weeks pregnant. Dr Lawhorn changed his schedule so he could perform

ER surgery on Memorial Day to put in hardware into my ankle. I only had an epidural during surgery and was awake the entire time.

Dr Lawhorns surgery and the amazing Physical Therapists helped me not only keep my daughter. I was worried w the trauma I would miscarry, but I relearned how to walk just a few weeks before I gave birth. I walked into the hospital w my cane, had my baby and left w out my cane. For the next four months I went to physical

Therapy 2x a week and brought my newborn w me. She slept in the stroller. The team at ortho Virginia has been absolutely amazing!