Patient Stories

H. Edward Lane, III, MD

Thirty years ago, I worked at the Federal EPA in Washington DC and submitted my story then what Dr. Lane did for my left knee. So recently I tried him out for the team again. My lumbar region had become a nightmare so I searched and located Dr. Lane. The same smiling face and positive nature as 30 years ago. He and his side kick Dr. Corsen, the nerve surgeon operated on me and have corrected most of the issue I had in each leg and the glutes. The pain was so bad that I could not walk even without assistance. After operation they put me into a 3 week quality care program at a local facility in Fairfax. He hit the jackpot again and I would recommend him to anybody who wants a quality job with care and get back to normal. Before, at 30 years ago, Dr. Lane was into scuba diving, now he sky dives and calls in wild turkeys with great perfection as he has always done in his medical practice. P.S. I am 75 years young and feel 40 at this time.