Patient Stories

Alexander S. Croog, MD

Strong hands are a must for Jenni, a physical therapist (PT) who worked at OrthoVirginia.  When she injured her thumb while playing with her son, Jeremiah, she initially thought it was a sprain. But the pain and weakness worsened, so she consulted her OrthoVirginia colleague, Certified Hand Therapist Katie Canestrano, for advice. Katie recommended that Jenni have an X-ray to be sure nothing was seriously wrong. 

Jenni took the X-ray to Alexander Croog, MD, an OrthoVirginia hand and upper extremity specialist, who didn’t like the look of the alignment and ordered an MRI. The test revealed that Jenni had torn the ligament that connects the bones at the base of the thumb, a condition known as skier’s thumb. Untreated ligament tears can lead to chronic pain and instability, diminished hand function and early onset arthritis.  

Jenni underwent a routine procedure that took less than an hour at OrthoVirginia’s Outpatient Surgery Center in Herndon. Dr. Croog reattached the ligament and put in an anchor screw to hold it in place as it healed. She spent a week in a soft splint and four weeks in a cast before embarking on eight weeks of hand therapy with Katie Canestrano to regain strength and stability. In addition, Katie made a temporary splint so Jenni could perform her PT job safely without stressing the ligament too much.

Following her surgery, casting and therapy, Jenni was back 100%. She now lives and works in Colorado, but she’ll never forget her colleagues back at OrthoVirginia who took such good care of her. “The whole process was very smooth,” she says. “It was easy to go from the doctor’s office to the surgical suite to physical therapy with no loss of time on any steps. Everyone who touched me in one way or another brought expertise, which made me feel confident in the plan of care.”