Patient Stories

Daniel E. Weingold, MD

Baseball is Jeff’s passion. The 43-year-old electronics engineer from Alexandria coaches, plays and pitches for the Alexandria/Arlington Senators in the NABA-DC Wood Bat Baseball League. Playing the outfield in 2007, Jeff misjudged a fly ball and made what he calls a “circus catch,” separating his shoulder in the process. “When I dove for the ball I bruised my ribs pretty badly. They hurt so much I didn’t notice my shoulder was also injured,” he says.

When his ribs healed, Jeff returned to the pitcher’s mound, but his shoulder was increasingly painful during games. After “gutting through” the 2008 season, he finally consulted Daniel Weingold, MD, a OrthoVirginia surgeon specializing in sports medicine and shoulder injuries. Dr. Weingold diagnosed a labral tear with shoulder instability and performed an arthroscopic repair in early 2009.

This was not Jeff’s first visit to Dr. Weingold. Four years ago, Dr. Weingold put pins and a plate in his broken left hand.

“He really understands my needs—my active lifestyle, my sports background,” Jeff says. “I felt very confident having him perform my shoulder surgery.”

After several months of physical therapy, Jeff looks forward to returning to the ballpark. “I’m going to see how my arm feels and build myself back up,” he says. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to throw again.”