Patient Stories

B. Thomas Mazahery, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can...Live and work Pain Free!! Dr. Mazahery saved my life. I had a herniated disc, C6/C7 and I was beyond miserable, unable to function because of the constant pain down my right arm and shoulder. Dr. Mazehery had a cancellation and he fit me into his schedule one week after seeing him. I was so incredibly grateful!

Being in constant pain, unable to sleep, work or enjoy anything was EXHAUSTING. I was taking muscle relaxers, NSAIDS, and narcotics every 3-4 hours with little pain relief. I did weeks and weeks of Physical Therapy, and nothing was helping. I was in tears from the pain when I finally was able to see Dr. Mazahery, and in tears from relief when I left the hospital after surgery. Dr. M was phenomenal, he genuinely cared about me and the pain I was in, he was funny, reassuring and comforting. He really knows his stuff!! His follow up care has been equally caring knowledgeable and reassuring. I would not hesitate for a moment having him perform surgery on me again. in fact, I have already recommended him to my next door neighbor, who was walking with a cane (in his 20's!) from leg pain due to lower back herniated disk! I told him to go to Dr. Mazahery and he went, had surgery and one week later, is now walking 4 miles a day!! When Dr. Mazahery came into my room the morning of my surgery, I told him "be awesome today!". And he listened. And was. Awesome, incredibly awesome. :-)