Patient Stories

B. Thomas Mazahery, MD

I came to OrthoVirginia after suffering a month of extreme neck, shoulder and left arm pain. After an MRI and X-rays were completed, Dr. Mazahery confirmed that I was suffering from herniated disk (s) – C-6/7 and C-5/6 in my neck.

Following a review of options with him, Dr. Mazahery and I determined that anterior cervical discectomy was the best course of action. Less than a week later, he and PA Hilton completed the surgery at Reston Hospital. Little did all of us know that the herniation was much worse than diagnosed. Nonetheless, after the effects (and fog) of the anesthesia wore off, the pain relief was instantaneous and readily apparent.

Although I am still in the recovery phase and having started a light exercise regime, I look forward to a full recovery and resuming my active lifestyle and training for triathlons again.