Patient Stories

When college student Hisham was enjoying a game of pick-up basketball last spring and landed awkwardly on his knee, he immediately knew he had injured his ACL. Rather than rushing to have it treated by the nearest orthopaedic surgeon, though, Hisham began researching and even traveled overseas to determine who and how he wanted to treat his injury. 

While still in the process of choosing a physician, Hisham moved to the Reston area and found the OrthoVirginia website. Impressed by what he learned about the group online and trusting the reference he received from a friend, he scheduled an appointment with a OrthoVirginia physician. 

Hisham says of his search, “I found OrthoVirginia and liked what I saw. They really seemed to know what they were doing and were very organized. The reference I had from my friend was really good, as well.”

After undergoing outpatient surgery to repair his torn ACL, Hisham worked with OrthoVirginia physical therapists to rehabilitate his knee. Recalling his post-surgery experience he says, “I really didn’t feel much pain at all, and I healed quickly.” 

Having recently been cleared to begin playing sports again, Hisham is anxious to return to basketball and the activities he enjoys on a healed knee.   

And, as one who invested time and energy choosing the place of care for his injury, he says confidently, “I would definitely recommend OrthoVirginia and my physician to others.”