Patient Stories

D. Andrew Parker, MD

My Story:

A little over a year ago I slipped on some ice and landed on my knee. I was training for the Boston marathon and noticed clicking sounds whenever I bent it, and that it hurt after any long or intense run. I ran the race anyhow (in pain) and soon after was limping. Dr. Parker (and an MRI) confirmed what I feared -- a torn meniscus. He suggested surgery and assured me that I would be up and running about a month later. Of course, I wanted to have the procedure as soon as possible! I had the surgery ten months ago and was running by the end of July. Seven months after the surgery I qualified for the Boston marathon again, and eight months later I ran my first 50 mile trail run, the Bull Run Run 50 miler. My knee is happy. I am happy. Thank you Dr. Parker! (PS I regularly run with two of your labral tear patients, and they cannot speak more highly of you!)