Patient Stories

Keith W. Lawhorn, MD

My Story:

Thanks to the care at OrthoVirginia, a broken elbow on Memorial Day weekend did not ruin our swimmer's summer. Thanks to the care of Dr. Keith Lawhorn...temporarily called Dr. No Fun in our house..our 7 year old daughter had surgery and pins to repair her break the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend and was in a splint and then a cast for 3 weeks. In less than 6 weeks after surgery she was competing in the swim meets and thanks to the monitoring of physical therapist (and neighbor!) Jennifer Konchar has great mobility in her arm. We are so pleased with the care she received at OrthoVirginia and are so grateful for your kind and competent staff. Dr. Lawhorn went above and beyond to reassure two very anxious parents and took time out of his holiday weekend to go to the hospital to review our daughter's x-rays and consulted with us over the weekend before our office appointment. He patiently answered ALL my questions a nd assured our daughter she would be able to swim with her team this summer. As promised she swam in her first meet in July. Thank you hardly expresses our extreme gratitude. We love Dr. Lawhorn who is now affectionately known in our house as Dr. Fun Fun.