Patient Stories

Harry J. Shaia, MD

Thanks to my surgical and nursing care at OrthoVirginia at Henrico Doctors Hospital, I can again return to my #1 item on my bucket list - fishing on the Chesapeake Bay. This was my second knee replacement by Dr. Harry Shaia and his team in which I recovered at that fantastic hospital. The surgery was again very successful and thanks to the wonderful, professional, and caring nursing team, I was released after only 3 days. Recovery has gone even smoother this time and I am looking forward to being on the rolling deck of my boat for the Spring Striped Bass season.

I have been hospitalized in five of the largest hospitals all over Richmond at various times in my life, and without a doubt, the facility and staff at OrthoVirginia were the very best I have ever had - so good in fact I wish I could have stayed longer! Now that's a switch!

Thank you all for helping me get back on my feet again and all that you did for me.