Patient Stories

“The pain started just after my wife and I moved to the country. It began as a constant low-level pain in my hip, but the worst was the excruciating pain in my knee whenever I went from a sitting to a standing position.”

After a thorough evaluation from his physician at OrthoVirginia, Dennis found out that the pain in his knee was really coming from a serious case of osteoarthritis in his right hip. Although his physician suggested that surgery could be put off, Dennis considered that at his relatively young age (he’s 48) the quality of life issues were just too great to ignore. “I couldn’t do the very things that prompted us to move to the country – hiking and working outdoors. The pain when I stood up was so bad that I found myself putting off going from a sitting to standing position whenever I could. In addition to the negative impact on my life, I was starting to feel self conscious.”

“The staff at OrthoVirginia were very professional and did a lot to help me get ready for my surgery. One of the most important was the OrthoVirginia video that I watched showing how a normal joint functions, what happens when it deteriorates, and what to expect from the surgery.”

The hospital where Dennis’ surgery took place also had a 3 hour class for all joint replacement patients. “By the time I had seen the video and taken the class I knew everything I needed to know about how to prepare for my surgery, not only for myself but for my home and family. My OrthoVirginia surgeon was very down-to-earth. He really made me feel like a person and not just another patient.”

Dennis, an avid motorcyclist, hiker, and general outdoorsman couldn’t be happier with the results of his surgery. Within 5 days of his surgery he was able to walk the 3/10ths of a mile around his property on crutches. He was dancing 6 weeks later, and now looks forward to resuming motorcycle trips with his son. “For the first time since we moved to the country I’m pain free and really able to appreciate the beauty of where I live.”