Patient Stories

With a family history of osteoarthritis, Carolyn knew she might one day deal with the disease herself.  Her official confirmation came in the late 1980s when she was playing tennis and experienced severe shooting pain in her knees.  That pain led to her diagnosis and the beginning of her experience with osteoarthritis.  For years, she coped with her bothersome knees.  But by 2001, as a proud grandmother, Carolyn was growing tired of the pain that continuously limited her involvement with her family. 

She recalls, “I had tried medicine, I had tried cortisone shots, I had arthroscopies on both knees, but nothing much really helped.  One day all the children were going out on a boat, and I remember that I couldn’t climb onto the boat.  I couldn’t climb a ladder.  I simply couldn’t do it.  Finally, I decided that the time had come to do this surgery.”

Already a patient at OrthoVirginia, Carolyn had a good relationship with her physician.

She explains, “I liked my doctor and his references were excellent.  There is big competition in this town, but there was no reason to go elsewhere.  I really like this group.”

Fearful she might contract an infection and dreading the pain following surgery, Carolyn was nervous about her procedure.  Her OrthoVirginia physician eased her anxieties, though, and successfully performed knee replacement on both of her knees with one operation. 

Following her surgery, Carolyn did several weeks of in-home therapy to rehabilitate her knees.  That therapy and her excellent post-surgery care were, she believes, a big part of her total recovery.

“It’s been a very happy experience.  I have no pain in my knees.  I can kneel, I can walk and walk.  This past March I traveled with my three oldest grandchildren to Europe and I was hauling luggage and walking all over, and I did just fine.  I couldn’t be doing that had I not had the surgery.  I’m more agile than ever before, and I’m doing all this with no discomfort at all.” 

Also dealing with the effects of osteoarthritis on other joints, Carolyn had her OrthoVirginia physician do hip replacement surgery on both of her hips in 2003 and 2004. 

Carolyn says of her overall experience, “I always give OrthoVirginia Orthopaedics favorable references.  My doctor is very encouraging and has such a pleasant disposition.  I’ve recommended him to friends over and over.  I’m a very happy camper.”