Patient Stories

As a football player and wrestler at Westfield High School, Brian keeps busy throughout the school year. But a mid-season injury threatened to slow him down. During a wrestling scrimmage with a teammate, Brian’s arm was over-extended and popped out of socket. The result was a small tear in his bicep tendon. 

Brian already had a relationship with the OrthoVirginia physician who serves as team physician for his high school. In fact, Brian had been to OrthoVirginia in the past for knee surgery, the treatment of minor knee injuries, a spinal concussion, and a broken finger. 

He explains, “I know my physician well.  He’s really nice, and he always tells me what he’s doing. He works with our athletic trainers, and I see him at every football game on the sidelines.”

As one would expect, Brian consulted his team physician again about his shoulder. And, at his encouragement, Brian finished out the wrestling season with his injury. Then, in the spring, with both football and wrestling season over for the year, he underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair his shoulder.  During the procedure, the physician tightened his bicep tendon back to his labrum using surgical thread and a very small incision.

Today, with his surgery behind him, Brian has completed physical therapy and lifts weights again to rehabilitate his shoulder. 

Brian says confidently, “I’ll be better next season. The pain from my shoulder was holding me back, so I’m definitely looking forward to a strong year.”