Patient Stories

Thomas J. Klein, MD

My Story:

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can now walk again without pain running up and down my legs. I am so very happy to have chosen Dr Thomas Klien as my surgeon, for the first meeting we had and somewhat nervous about the surgery its was a big deal to me, he took the time to address all my concerns and they were many , without any regards to the time i was taking up, to reassure me that this was going to a success, well i walk out of his office with all the confidence in the world, I had met another Dr prior to Dr Klien that failed in that area , felt like i was getting a sandwich and better move along , And the day of the surgery I was treated so very nicely by all the nurses giving me the feeling i was important to them ,and shared the whole process, so I new what to expect as i waited to go in to surgery, Dr Klien came to see me and his reassuring present and smile ,i was ready " This had been a great experience, an d thank God for finding the best Surgeon "

Where ever I walk in Reston hospital I was greeted with a smile and how are you, very welcome to someone who was a little nervous to say the least, even the valets when we arrived at the entrance were greeted with a smile, felt I had just driven it to a fancy hotel, .thank you all for making my big day such a joy ""Brian Margolis falls church VA