Patient Stories

Ronald C. Childs, MD

My Story:

It started out I was so see Dr Childs and unfortunately he had an emergency the day of my appointment. So, Suzanne was nice enough to fit me into her schedule that same day. She wanted me to have an MRI and she tried, the office staff tried to find a place nearby to have the MRI done as soon as possible, because I was in such pain. We finally got an appointment and I had the MRI. The results of the MRI were not good. However, I was going to have Physical Therapy and by the weekend (sat) I could barely walk. I got in touch with Tammy on Monday and she worked so hard to get me a surgery date. Tammy found an opening and I went into surgery the next week. The surgical team was great and Dr. Childs did such a great job that when I awoke from surgery I had NO pain. It was such a delight to not have that pain anymore. So for my follow up visit I seen Suzanne and she was so sweet and helpful she made me feel very comfortable. Suzanne was so great in h elping me with papers I needed filled out and she did everything she could to make things easier for me. She truly is an asset to the Ortho group. I could not be more proud of Dr.Childs, Suzanne, Tammy, and the whole Ortho Group. They are all A+ Awesome in my life! Thank you is not enough to show my appreciation.