Patient Stories

Steven S. Hughes, MD

My Story:

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can... stand, walk, exercise without pain. I had degenerative disc condition in my cervical & lumbar spine, and suffered from numbness & weakness in my left arm as well as numbness, pain and tingling in both legs and debilitating sciatica in my left leg.

Dr. Hughes performed laminectomy & fusion on my C-spine 1 August 2013 and I was back at work (without pain or symptoms) on 5 August. On 7 August, he performed the same procedure on my lumbar spine, trimming several discs and fusing 2 vertebrae. Returned to work part time on 14 August and full time on 19 August. I have the same range of motion as before surgery, but without the pain, tingling or sciatica.

Dr. Hughes takes the fear and uncertainty out of back surgery. You can usually tell that you are better shortly after you wake up in post-op. There is some discomfort after lower back surgery, and the spine care unit at Fairfax does an excellent job with pain management 24/7. Physical and Occupational therapists are there to assist in your recovery. Dr. Hughes & his PA, Lauren, check on your condition throughout your stay. Both of them are a phone call away, and the support staff at the office is wonderful. Soon after surgery, you will be up and walking, then sent home after a few days - And you'll be glad you had the surgery. If not for the incisions, I would not be able to point to where my vertebrae are fused, because there is no pain or discomfort in either place. I have been exercising/working out regularly at the gym since the Monday following my last surgery.