Patient Stories

Gautham Gondi, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I feel so much more secure with my "new knee." My balance is better and I feel a lot safer on steps. My surgery was December 31 and it has definitely been a very successful experience.

From the time I entered the Ortho Center, the therapy below Ortho and the Terrace Level of Lynchburg General Hospital, I have gotten exceptionally good care. Dr Gondi had previously done surgery on my feet and I have complete trust in him. I had previously had experience with the therapy group, but not to recover from a knee surgery. The joint classes to prepare for this surgery were excellent. The therapy before and after surgery was great and after six week therapy I feel ready to go.

Thanks so much for this life-changing successful surgery. I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to receive 100 percent and give 100 percent with the exercise program.