Patient Stories

Barbara'’s reasons for having knee replacement surgery were typical. The pain was unbearable. She hated limping and walking with a cane. And she wanted to continue living independently as long as possible. “My quality of life had really diminished,” Barbara said. “I was not enjoying life and was not able to do the things that I wanted.” She decided it was time to take the advice of her doctor and friends and take control of the situation before it worsened.

Barbara had knee surgery in December 2006. Two weeks later, she started physical therapy (PT) at OrthoVirginia with Erin Moran as her therapist. Other health issues kept Barbara from taking pain medication at effective dosages. “Erin did an initial evaluation and, I think, she knew right away she had a job on her hands,” Barbara said. “I won’t deny it; the pain was quite intense and practically unbearable when they wanted me to move my knee.”

Moran focused Barbara on increasing range of motion, stair climbing and a smooth walking stride. “They coached, and coached, and coached,” states Barbara. “They were very understanding, very supportive, but they never let me slack off.” She experienced no big setbacks or real frustration. She knew healing wasn’t going to happen over night and looked for improvements along the way.

“The OrthoVirginia therapy team kept client spirits high by keeping the conversation light and encouraging us to talk to the other clients in therapy,” Barbara says. “Everyone was pleasant and friendly and always had a smile to share. This environment really helped make us feel better.”

She’s pleased with her experience at OrthoVirginia and with her the outcome of her surgery and rehab, “I can walk again and can travel comfortably. I just returned from a trip to Scotland and was able to see the county’s sites with ease. I am able to climb stairs normally and pain-free. I worked hard and have OrthoVirginia to thank for helping me reach my goals. I’d go back to them in a heartbeat.”