Patient Stories

B. Thomas Mazahery, MD

My Story:

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can have a normal life again! Because of constant and intense sciatica pain, I was not able to sleep, walk, drive and work for months..

I am 26 (healthy, hard worker, and very active), and at this age when you are told that your best option is back surgery you are thinking "what if something goes wrong? what if by mistake something happens to my spine? what if I cannot run or even walk anymore for the rest of life?".

Well I can assure you that Dr Mazahery and his team did an AMAZING job before, during and after the surgery. I knew exactly what I was going to go through, and it has been a great success. Surgery was last week, I have no sciatica pain whatsoever anymore, I sleep, walk and drive. One more week and I can start swimming to release all this energy!

3 Most relevant Pros:

  • great communication/explanations/availability
  • extremely professional and skilled surgeon/team
  • completely pain free and back to normal life

The insurance department was perfect as well, I have an out of network international insurance, they took care of the approval procedure from A to Z.

The only word I would add is a huge and sincere THANK YOU to Dr Mazahery and his all team. I will send you pictures once I become a professional soccer player thanks to you :)