Patient Stories

Anthony L. Avery, MD

My Story:

For all of 2015, I lived and worked abroad in Africa with occasional short travel to the USA for meetings. For 4 months (August to November) I struggled with constant pain in my right hip, which seemed to have started suddenly after gym class one evening. I had difficulty sleeping on my right side, sitting all day at work, lifting my right leg etc. I had seen 2 orthopedists, 1 rheumatologist and 1 physical therapist, done numerous tests (x-ray, MRI, hip injection with steroid, blood work to rule out arthritis) and still had no clear diagnosis. During the 4 months, I was unable to engage in sports and became increasingly worried that my condition was worsening.

While on a one-week visit to the USA in November 2015, someone introduced me to OrthoVirginia. I called and begged to see any orthopedist who had a free slot and made an appointment to see Dr. Anthony Avery. From our initial exchange, he felt strongly that I had some kind of tear and asked me to do a second MRI, this time with contrast. Finding a center that could do my MRI under short notice was a challenge, however one of the centers on the list of providers in the area managed to fit me in. The report concluded that the MRI was more or less normal; there was no tear and I had a little arthritis.

I returned to see Dr. Avery who was unconvinced by the quality of the imaging received and the report’s findings. Upon further analysis, which he graciously did in between surgeries, he advised that I do a third and final MRI (again with contrast) but that I go to another imaging center, which he strongly recommended. OrthoVirginia facilitated the appointment and convinced my insurance that it was necessary to repeat this procedure -- it was approved. This time, the radiologist identified what my problem was. The report concluded that I did indeed have a labral tear, which meant I needed surgery.

I had my labral tear repair and CAM debridement surgery on January 19th 2016 and am recovering well. Thanks to OrthoVirginia, I was able to finally get a diagnosis and treatment, all within 5-weeks. If it weren’t for Dr Anthony Avery’s insistence on repeating the procedure, I would have been stuck with the misdiagnosis I previously received and continued to be miserable. Now, I am looking forward to returning to my previous level of activity. I am very grateful to:

-Dr. Anthony Avery for his professionalism, expertise and determination to find and treat the cause of my pain. He was very caring and flexible throughout. Despite my limited time in the USA, he went out of his way to accommodate me.

-Ms. Linda Shawish for being extremely helpful and responsive, always willing to go the extra mile to facilitate the scheduling of my appointments and inform me of all developments.

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I finally got the correct diagnosis, treatment and am on my way to full recovery!