OrthoVirginia Patient Center

Lynchburg's Interventional Procedure Suite

Our newly renovated on site Interventional Procedure Suite allows us to offer on-site treatments, which include:

Epidurals/Nerve Blocks:  The dura is a fluid filled sack that protects the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.  The space around the dura is called the “epidural space.”  Anytime medicine is put into this space, it is called an “epidural.”  Epidurals can be used to treat spine pain and/or can pinpoint the area of pain.         

Facet injections:  The facet joint is a thumbnail size joint located in pairs between each bone of your spine.  Lumbar facet injection is a procedure to diagnose or treat back pain from the facet joints.  Anesthetic and steroid medications are injected into the joint.

Rhizotomy:  A rhizotomy is a treatment to reduce pain from facet joints.  Radiofrequency energy is used to heat and destroy the nerves going to the facet joints to reduce the pain coming from these joints.