Hand fractures may be hard to distinguish from other, less serious finger or hand injuries. Aside from the obvious pain and swelling, other indicators include a deformity of the finger or knuckle, a shortened or misaligned finger or loss of movement in the hand.

Treatment and Hand Surgery

You must seek medical help if you believe that you have suffered trauma. While a broken bone may be obvious other serious injuries may not be as evident.

Treatment varies depending on the type and severity of the injury. Some injuries may only require ice to reduce swelling and pain while others may require surgery. Always seek medical attention after sustaining a traumatic injury.

Richmond’s Best Hand Surgeon

We treat relatively minor fractures with a cast or a splint. More serious hand fractures such as those involving crushed or fragmented bones require hand surgery to stabilize the hand and ensure proper healing. Screws, plates and wires may be inserted to support the bones. Depending on the procedure and the severity of the case, the implants may be removed or left in the hand permanently. If you would like more information about hand injuries or treatment, please make an appointment with Dr. Sanjay today. We serve patients not only in the Richmond area, but also throughout Virginia and the mid-Atlantic region.