As we reach the end of 2021, we pulled together our top 10 blogs for you to enjoy! 

  1. A Patient’s Guide to Outpatient Total Joint Replacement Joint replacement surgeons George Aguiar, M.D., and Vignesh Alamanda, M.D., gave a comprehensive guide to outpatient total joint replacement for patients.
  2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms, Causes and Treatments Carpal tunnel syndrome can make using your hands difficult. Tiffany Pan, M.D., gives suggestions.
  3. Rapid Recovery from Total Knee and Hip Replacements Techniques before, during and after your joint replacement can make recovery take less time, Edward Lambert, D.O., explains.
  4. Alternative Treatments for Joint Replacement Joint replacement isn't the only treatment option for arthritis in your joints. S. Brett Whitfield, M.D., FAAOS, discusses other treatments.
  5. Outpatient Total Joint Replacement: What You Need to Know Thomas J. Klein, M.D., and William P. Petersen, M.D. broke down the details about outpatient total joint replacement.
  6. Orthopedic Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room: Why and When Ortho On Call providers Anshua Pal, PA-C, and Paige M.C. McNally, PA-C, break down when you should go to urgent orthopedic care and when you should head to the emergency room.
  7. Bike Adventure After Spine Surgery Before surgery, spine patient Larry could barely walk 10 minutes without pain. See his story of how surgery helped him!
  8. Do's and Don'ts: Knee Braces, Slings and Boots Durable medical equipment like braces, slings and boots can be intimidating after an injury or surgery. This intro will give you the basics!
  9. Telemedicine Allows At-Home Care While many orthopedic concerns need to be seen in person, telemedicine allows some appointments to be done at home.
  10. Disc Golf for Beginners Learn about the basic equipment and rules for this active outdoor game -- great for getting outside socially distanced!