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By: Anthony Phillips, DPT, CSCSI often say that if I could pick only one exercise to give to a runner, I would pick the Single Leg Romanian Deadlift, or Single Leg RDL as it is better known. This is an awesome bang for your buck exercise, as it hits
Strength makes an athlete better.  At all levels and ages, a stronger athlete will have a competitive advantage over and suffer fewer injuries than a weaker one. Weight room strength is very different from athletic strength, however, so what
Mike D’Antoni, coach for the Houston Rockets once stated firmly that above all other player stats he receives he wished he had an objective measure for when his athletes could get injured.  Speed, strength, power, endurance, even &ldquo
by: Austin Johns, CCS, CES, HC, Director, Return To Sport Post-Rehabiliation Program OrthoVirginia Sports happens at the feet.  Athletic footwear is the most important piece of equipment athletes own.  For the most part, selecting
By:Austin G Johns CSCS CES HC, Director, Return To Sport Post-Rehabiliation Program OrthoVirginiaAt all levels, coaches and parents are consistently looking for ways to keep their athletes healthier in sport.  Recognizing that an athlete is
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