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By: Anthony Phillips, DPT, CSCSI often say that if I could pick only one exercise to give to a runner, I would pick the Single Leg Romanian Deadlift, or Single Leg RDL as it is better known. This is an awesome bang for your buck exercise, as it hits
Well, the day is finally here!  You’ve made it through the months of training, the grueling workouts, the long runs and the sore muscles.  Once the gun sounds, every step you take is one step close to your goal of reaching the finish
If you were to open a web browser and type the question, “When is the best time to stretch during a workout?,” you might find conflicting results.  For example, one of the top Google hits for this question is a Q&A message board
The deadlift is a great exercises to help learn proper lifting mechanics for everyday life. Activating all major muscle group makes the deadlift one of the best exercises for general fitness as well as burning fat. There are many varieties of the
Race Week Prep: Tapering: Tapering is the idea of scaling back miles, a week or two before the race to be in top shape before entering a race. Usually, two weeks before the race one should do speed workouts and distance workouts at 75% effort. The
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