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Dr. Steven G. Reece from our Shrader Road office in Richmond gives an in-depth look at pediatric sport injuries on this video blog. Dr. Reece talks about little league shoulder, severs disease and low back pain.  {^youtubevideo|(width)640
Healthy spines start with a good night sleep.  Your mattress, pillow and sleeping positions should be tailored for your medical conditions and preferences.  For example, patients with osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis may sleep better on
At age 41 and a newly retired veteran of the U.S. Army, Dr. Joshua Herzog has far more experience than an orthopaedic surgeon his age should have.   Three deployments in Iraq since the war began in 2001 thrust him into a demanding, high stakes
Dr. Irby Speaks about the Spine
1 Simple Golf Exercise for Increased Power One key component of a powerful golf swing is the ability to rotate through your spine, more specifically, your thoracic spine.  This is the middle portion of your spine which protects your spinal
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