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Health Check: Opioid fight- Horizon Behavioral Health and OrthoVirginia partnership

Horizon Behavioral Health and OrthoVirginia announced an innovative partnership that aims to decrease the use of prescription opiates.

Many of the people OrthoVirginia help live with pain, and for many years doctors just prescribed pain meds for relief.

Now OrthoVirginia will watch patients for risk factors for addiction -- and refer them to a group headed by Horizon that focuses on way to avoid overuse of opioids.

OrthoVirginia Chief Administrative Officer Karen Simonton is enthusiastic about this partnership.

“Our mission is to improve the musculoskeletal health and well-being of those who live in our communities," Simonton said. "This robust partnership with Horizon will ensure we are doing everything possible to maintain the health of our patients.”

Horizon CEO Damien Cabezas is confident that care systems will benefit by leveraging the expertise of behavioral health and physical health.

“We will be tracking the outcomes of our efforts. We do not just want to place a bandage on this issue; we need a comprehensive medication management approach," Cabezas said. "The business case is better clinical outcomes, higher patient satisfaction, better provider engagement and affordable health care.”

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